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I lead the visual design efforts for a start-up mortgage company branching out from Interfirst Mortgage. Our goal was to fill a vacant color area within the industry, market it to gen Xers and millennials, and throw the whole process online for a quick, honest, no BS experience. Due to unrelated circumstances, this branding never got to see the light of day.



A large part of this role was building off of the base branding that Rob Janoff provided, so you could almost say I worked directly (not really at all) with the creator of the Apple logo and I will now build a career off of this obscure connection. Leading the visuals gave me an interesting perspective on team building and pushed my people skills to bounds I was not prepared to go myself. It's made me a better person and I'm honored to have had the perfect team with me through this experience. Late nights, last-minute changes, wins, losses, tears, celebrations, it was the dream creative team.


I played the role of animator, illustrator, hand-letterer, almost an infographic designer, conceptual designer, troubleshooter, production artist, t-shirt designer, tissue box designer? Ask about a specific thing because I've probably done it within these 4 months. 


Lisa Leone, Emily Jansson, Meghan Carpenter-Houghton,

Emily Meyer, Payton Peper, John Garcia

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