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I was tasked to create a piece encompassing my journey and place in the world for the "You Are Here" exhibition in Detroit.


i created a fine design work exploring the identity of immigrants in America through the lens of a Punjabi Pakistani American woman—me. Each portrait speaks to the fragmented areas of my life and how they are pieced together to become my whole. Each woman's perceived identity is made up of the words spoken to her, a glimpse of the various interactions that have influenced her, visualized in hand-lettering, making up her clothing and features. Using patterns influenced by South Asian culture, as well as Urdu and Punjabi script, the goal was to validate South Asian art and aesthetics as fine design in a world that considers it "bohemian" and "artifact".


Artist, Hand-Letterer, Photographer, Person Who Has A Mental Breakdown Before, During, And After The Show Because Her Piece Fell And It Was Midnight And Her Parents Were Strict Asians

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