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gmc. buick.


During my time at Leo Burnett, I worked the retail team: a sweatshop system created to churn out hundreds of ads from (usually two) art directors within a few days every beginning and end of the month. Long hours? I know them well. Between those cycles, I had the opportunity to work on brand projects (like this video to the left; that gx logo was all me, baby) and dipped into the occasional UX role when I got lucky.


Retail. From day one I was already flipping sketch files and tweaking processes because what they had was not working, with the current art directors stumbling through the files each time an update needed to be made. Being one of the only employees who knew Sketch app well, I was able to revamp the current system to accommodate the growing expectations put onto the team of few. I cleaned files and organized a new system of processes that was easy to understand, streamlined work time within the files, and sped up delivery, allowing the team to quadruple the asset output with less employees (Dealer Choice: 64 assets -> over 200 assets). I also explored other software options to further the teams understanding of the capabilities of a new software, Adobe XD, and advised on the implementation of new retail processes.

Brand. Between the hell-weeks of retail, I was able to work on more exciting brand projects. Pretty much regular art director things: OLA, image cuts, updates, emails, campaign pitches, the other hell-weeks before a car launches...

UX. Being somewhat of a jack, I was able to grab more UX experience because it is fun stuff. On top of the GMC & Buick work, I was able to work on the D show website. You can see it live here if it's still 2021 or you can scroll down and see it in pretend. 


Art Director, Graphic Designer, UX Designer


Allison Hurthibise


brand work.


ux stuff.

pretend this computer is real.

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