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Doner's website needed an update after a rebranding and no other team is fit for the task beyond the agency's own UX kitchen? Not the best name. I still don't get the kitchen part and I've asked about it.


Redesigning the whole Doner website was a massive undertaking, so I'll be highlighting my main contribution: the career's page. We gathered inspiration on a wall, killing and collecting throughout our days. We narrowed down the general layout to a very fresh, new, wonky layout. It's the idea of using a columned list, but with a sticky nav on the lefthand side, keeping the content neatly on the right.

To limit massive amounts of scrolling, we used expanders for the role description and apply button. Images of each location show off the office and features under the job listing, keeping the jobs at the forefront of the user's attention. You can see the full website here but be warned of lazy devs who don't update the job page.


UX Designer


Nick Pavlak, Kenneth Senko

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